Sunday, April 7, 2013

It is Sunday, So I am Thinking on THIS!

It is Sunday.  That being said, I will tell you that I have had to think twice about how I am handling a situation which could blow up!  Right now, I refuse to get "down and dirty" but I must say I am a little annoyed.  In case you haven't "figgered" this out, this blog is  being written in the spirit of "blowing off steam!" 
Ya know sometimes, it hard to see the truth but somebody has to say it and here I go again. . . .
Situation is: Buyer Carson is represented by me, an experienced ethical Realtor.  I want it to be clear that my self description, in no way reflects poorly on the Seller's Realtor.  She seems quite knowledgeable; I simply do not know her. 
Here's the deal.  Last night we came to a verbal agreement.  My buyers accepted her seller's verbal counter offer.  Today, before I receive written agreement, she tells me there is another offer.  She and I both agree, it MUST be presented.  Tough situation for her, agreed.  I have requested that we be given the opportunity to match any other acceptable offer.  She, probably wisely, did not acknowledge this request.  Now I am stuck behind a keyboard with my mind wandering into Monday and just how I will handle a "turn down."  Oops, as I tell my peeps "don't borrow trouble!" 
Seriously, how should this be handled?  I need input before I "output."

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  1. Unfortunately we all know that "verbal" agreements have no weight and offers must be written and presently fairly however, I would request to be present when my buyers offer is presented. As well, she must disclose that there are multiple offers and give each buyers the opportunity to come back with their best and highest bid, then its up to the seller to decide which offer meets their needs the best. Seems like the only fair way to handle this, just sayin. Paula Irwin

  2. DITTO Paula Irwins reply. We've all been in that same situation. I would request to be present when my offer was presented... which will turn into a bidding war. Deborah Allison