Wednesday, October 19, 2011

This is NOT about REAL ESTATE!

Well, here I go again---after a brief break, I have decided to "commence" writing small pearls of wisdom.  Tonight my heart is full of joy because our real estate family has a new baby--Eloise.  Eloise Sue was born to a 2 nd generation agent of mine.  For now, her sweet mother, Mardi Sue has decided to break from the real estate chaos and raise her "chillen!"  A special congrats to Nathan, Mardi and Reis as they welcome this precious life into their family.
I guess, no I know, Terry would be very upset if I failed to mention he and Jackie are the proud, proud grandparents.  Speaking of  Jackie and Terry, I am so happy to have "chosen"  them as my family.  Not just because they now have a houseboat, but because they are good and genuine people.  Jackie's "genuine attitude" is illustrated best in her innocent questions.   I still love that moment in time, when she asked me if I thought houses had "quit sellin.?"  Now, that one perplexed me!  I decided to help her past this fear by responding in a way, that would calm her nerves. My response was quick and to the point.  "Yes Jackie, I think all the buyers already have a house."  She laughed, like maybe she did not quite believe me. That was 5 years ago and she looks daily for the elusive buyer.  
Married to Jackie for 30 years,Terry is a Marine through and through--tough and organized!.  Terry, thank you for your service to our country during the first desert storm.  You are loved and appreciated, just for that, never mind, you are a big teddy bear with a slightly "sentimental" side.  Actually, you are sentimental enough to be called (lovingly) a cry baby!" Today Terry, you have the right to cry those tears of joy and pride.
And--Yes, Jackie we all have A LOT more houses to sell--but not tonight.  Tonight,  is about family! 
My thoughts and prayers are with you.


  1. Good one Gwen, I think that pretty much speaks for the rest of
    the Metro Broker family. What a nice piece on some wonderful
    people. Congrats to both parents, the mom and dad and the grand
    parents. Love those guys. You're a great lady Gwen, proud to
    know you.

    Jim Gottschalk
    Metro Brokers of Oklahoma

  2. Great post. Thanks for sharing.

    Congrats to the extended Saxon clan.

    Paul Burton

  3. Read this and it made me tear up. I appreciate your loving thoughtfulness.

    Mardi Sue

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  4. Great blog!!
    We love you!

    Sherry Gottschalk
    Metro Brokers of Oklahoma